You’ve seen us running around town and wondered “how do those people just run and run like that?”.  Or, maybe you used to run Cross Country in high school, but then life got in the way and you haven’t run for years.   Perhaps you have neglected taking care of yourself for years (decades?) because you were busy taking care of your family.  Or maybe you never have taken care of yourself and you’d like to start now.

You’ve come to the right place.  Our Couch to Finish 5k Training plan is unique and effective.  We don’t just hand you a piece of paper with your training schedule and tell you to check in periodically.  We are with you, literally and figuratively, every step of the way.   The program runs for 9 weeks and you train 3 days a week.  We are with you for 9 weeks, 3 days a week, running by your side.  If you are doing the math, that’s under $4 per training session for the group clinic.  The group clinic also includes strength training once a week (sometimes twice!) immediately following the run.

If you are saying “I can’t run.  I can’t do this.” then you are wrong!  You don’t have to be able to run to do this program.  That’s the whole point, and hence the “Couch” part of the name.  Our first day we only run for 60 seconds, and then we walk for a while.  You can run for 60 seconds.  Especially with the support of a coach and other people in the same shape as you are!

Our group clinics start every 10 weeks.  If you don’t want to wait for the next one to begin, or if you don’t feel comfortable in the group setting, Angie also offers one on one coaching.  The program is still 9 weeks, 3 times a week.  The individual coaching can be done on your schedule and at your chosen location (both day and evening times are available).  The cost for that program is $300 for the 9 weeks.

Don’t put off getting healthy for another week/month/year/decade.  The time is now!  You can totally do this!