To say I haven’t always been a runner would be quite an understatement.  I’ve never been a runner.  Or any kind of athlete at all.  Until one day when I decided to give running one more try (after a lifetime of failures).

One step and one pound at a time, I fell in love with the sport, and now it is my life.  I consider myself very much like most of my clients, just a normal Joe trying to get back into shape.  I wasn’t born with any super athletic endurance or ability.  I don’t run to win races (mostly because I can’t!), I just run to be healthy and fit.

When I’m not running I’m a busy wife and mother of 5.  I have kids ranging from college age to first grade, so there’s always something going on.  I’ve learned through the years that unless I make myself a priority, no one else is going to.

In May of 2010 I was certified by the Road Runners Club of America to coach other runners. My goal is to get people to START running, and begin to realize some of the benefits that I have.  With the help of my friend and trainer, Tom Guta, we’ve taught a couple Couch to Finish 5k clinics now, and we’ve gotten a couple dozen people across the finish line.  All ages, both genders, and a range of varying fitness levels have been successful, and have changed their lives.  I didn’t invent this program – thousands and thousands have used it – but I do believe in it.  I also believe that everyone benefits from training with a group, and every runner, no matter their experience or skill level, can benefit from a coach.  Having someone by your side while you train, to guide you and encourage you, is absolutely invaluable!