Don’t just take it from me – take it from people who have actually gotten off the couch and tried it!

  • “The Couch to Finish program is what I needed to get myself moving. Having the support of the group,making new friends and meeting that goal of finishing your first mile and then your first 5K makes it all worthwhile. Being with the group keeps you motivated way more than trying to do it yourself can.  It is too easy to quit when you are going it alone. ”
    -Karen, age 52

  • “A friend told me about the couch to 5K and I agreed to sign up w/her.  I was hoping that this would help me build up my cardio, endurance and help w/the interval training.  I did not think I was going to be able to do it b/c I am not a runner, I am not in top shape and I am a closet smoker.  This program exceeded my expectations, not only did I run the 5K I am signed up for another one.  Thanks Angie and Tom!!!”

  • “I would like to say I thought this was a great, affordable, effective program.  I was very much on the couch end rather than the 5K end but was able to keep up with the pace of the group (mostly), lost some weight,  got in better shape and was even able to run the entire race, even though it was the hottest July ever!  Most importantly, to me, got me to keep exercising, which hopefully is the point.”
    -Tracy, age 49

  • “Since I was a teenager, I closely followed track and field events, for I always had a burning desire in me to RUN, but I never had that special person to inspire and encourage me to make it happen. However, over 30 years later, a girlfriend brought the “Couch to Finish” program to my attention;  needless to say, it felt like my lifelong dream came true;  I thought to myself, I just might have that opportunity to learn how to run a 5K, 10K, and even one day a Marathon.  Thanks to Angie, she is the ONE that made it happen for me; in less than 90 days I learned how to successfully run a 5K, and I am excited to say I placed in my first race, and am currently training for a 10K!
    Thank you, Angie you were and still are my Inspiration!”
    -Toni,  age 47